About the Rev. Janine Schenone

Janine is the rector (senior pastor/priest) of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in San Diego, California. Raised in an extremely observant Italian Catholic family, she often asked why girls could not be altar servers or priests. This question nagged at her through high school vocational exams (“You are bested suited to be a priest, a stand-up comedian, or an editorial cartoonist”), graduate school in English and creative writing, a failed marriage, and many years of attending Catholic churches and feeling empty.

The pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Church jogged her out of her spiritual lethargy on Pentecost of 2003, when she finally committed to trying another church and walked into an Episcopal church. That’s when the call to priesthood became obvious (and possible). She attended Yale Divinity School and was ordained to the diaconate on June 16, 2012 and to the priesthood on January 9, 2013. She previously has served as theologian in residence at Christ Church in Bronxville, NY and  Senior Associate for Congregational Development and Welcome at All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA.

Janine is also the chair of the San Diego branch of the California Public Policy Network; a member of the Center for Ethics and Spirituality at the University of California, San Diego; and part of the clergy caucus of the San Diego Organizing Project.

She does not believe the Church is dying. She does believe that God, Christ and Spirit is alive and well and willing to help us organize ourselves better.

5 Thoughts

  1. Does this constitute signing up for blog updates?
    Hope all is well and you are rounding up all your stuff! What a drag to start off with things in such a state of flux. How are classes? What are you taking this semester?

    Emily sends a “grin” to Tango. We started her transition to her new veteran on Tues. I’m a mess, but I guess I will survive. This is MUCH harder than I expected it would be!!!! Prayers appreciated!!

    1. Hi, Aileen. I think you have to click on the “Feeds Posts” in the upper right corner of my page to subscribe to the blog updates. I’m updating it tonight–finally! You click on “Comments” to get an email whenever someone comments on the blog.

  2. Great Blog and wonderful info. I am so appreciative you are doing this and really support your courage in moving across country for such a life changing course of study!

  3. Do you love Jesus, because He took from the Father and handed to you what love is on a golden platter, or do you love God because he sent you his only son so that You would not perish but live in him. So that he would live in You. so that it is not You who lives, anymore, but it is Jesus who lives inside of You?

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