Getting ready to go…

Marquand Chapel and Divinity School Library, Yale Divinity SchoolI have spent much of May and June preparing to leave my life in California and go to seminary at Yale Divinity School to prepare for the Episcopal priesthood. I received a partial leave of absence from my tenured English professor job at American River College; prepared my house for sale in a very weak real estate market; got through my daughter’s senior prom, graduation from high school, and her preparations to go to Seattle University.

Now I am working on selling the house and all its contents and looking for a place to live in New Haven, Connecticut. The preparations are overwhelming at times, but I am motivated by the encouragement of friends at St. Francis Episcopal Church, Faith Episcopal Church, the Diocese of Northern California, and American River College–not to mention my family and old childhood friends that I have reencountered on Facebook! I also am motivated by the course list for the Fall 2009 semester at Yale Divinity School. There’s a course on Christian/Muslim Dialogue…. I can’t wait!

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