Why I haven’t blogged…

A few nefarious characters in the Young Adults' "Hollywood Squares" game at the 2009 Northern CA Diocesan Convention

I’m sitting in the large common room of YDS with sunlight streaming in the large windows, looking at the painting of H. Richard Niebuhr (who taught at Yale). I am posting this because I was just at my diocesan convention in Northern California, and a number of friends from California said, “Hey, you haven’t posted to your blog in a while.” Well, that’s because I’m really busy. I got off the plane from California last night, graded some students’ work and answered students’ email, and then crashed without getting any studying done. That’s okay. The convention was worth it–not just hearing Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori speak, but seeing so many wonderful friends, fellow worshippers, and EfMers.

Richard Niebuhr, (former) professor of theology at Yale

As I said, I am sitting at the foot of the Niebuhr painting, attempting to learn four days of German homework in one half hour. It is not working. I had morning prayer at 7:30 a.m., and I’m going to go to chapel at 10:30 to hear our Dean (of the whole of YDS) preach, and then I’m going to go to German class and look like I know what we’re doing. Meanwhile, I will pray that I do not get called upon.

Then I will pick up the dog from the kennel where she spent the weekend, and we will go home and read some more theology. Fortunately, I had very smooth flights to and from California and was able to read a fair amount of Schleiermacher on the plane.

I still am having fun, too! Today’s Church History lecture was on demonic possession vs. divine possession. Were those medieval women mystics or demoniacs? On Wednesday, we discuss witchcraft. I can’t wait.

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