Sermon (Audio): Transition Time

I preached this sermon at my sponsoring parish of St. Francis Episcopal Church of Fair Oaks, California on April 22, 2012. Our congregation’s rector, the Rev. Marcia Engblom, died suddenly a few months ago, and members are currently discerning how they should move forward as a church in calling a new rector and/or adopting a new Total Ministry approach to church.

Janine Schenone’s Sermon on April 22, 2012

3 Thoughts

  1. Sorry to make you cry, Mihoa! It was wonderful to see you again, and you and your loved ones are in my prayers. Hang on! I’m sorry I didn’t have more time in California to hang out with you, but I will have time out there around the time of ordination.

  2. Wow, you said a lot in this sermon!I believe that from now on, I will walk toward the altar feeling like I’m on a shaky bridge and I’ll be looking forward through the dense fog, in anticipation of the bread and wine. Thank you for sharing this sermon. It was wonderful seeing you this past weekend!

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