A moving tale…

Well, the moving in process has been far more complicated and fraught with problems than I thought. Due to new mortgage and banking regulations, which apparently change by the week, my paperwork for purchasing my condo keeps getting delayed, redone, resubmitted, etc. The latest problem is that the homeowner association president at my condo complex was not submitting the paperwork, so I was hanging out in hotels for two weeks. Finally, I got the sellers’ attorney to allow me to rent the place, but I am paying a high per diem. The HA president finally submitted the paperwork, but the bank still wanted clarification on one item and sent the HA president’s paperwork back. Unfortunately, he hasn’t returned THAT paperwork, and he doesn’t seem motivated to help us out.

Unfortunately, this may mean another week’s delay in completing the purchase transition–a very expensive delay. Meanwhile, I am only partially unpacked because seminary started in the midst of all this chaos. Frustrating! I am grateful to actually be in the place, and my daughter and I have scrounged up furniture, etc., but we’re just not settled. So I would appreciate your prayers for a swift closure to my real estate transaction so that we can truly settle in before Georgia leaves for college next week.

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