Here’s the class lineup!

I have received several emails from California asking what I’m taking. I waited to respond because Yale has this incredible registration policy called “the shopping period.” Students can enroll tentatively in as many classes as they like, and then they have 11 days to visit the classes, check out the professors and classmates, consider how long the walk is between classes, consider the workload in each class, etc. Then they have to get rid of the classes they don’t want and keep the ones they do.

I thought I was sure about what I was going to take, but I ended up making a last-minute switch. So here is what I believe my final class schedule will be:

New Testament Interpretation I: Gospels and Acts

Transformative Moments in Christian History I: Early Church through Reformation

Seminar on Schleiermacher (long reading list, but worth it!)

Anglican Colloquium for juniors (half a unit, required of all Episcopal M.Divs–light and easy discussions)

Christian/Muslim Dialogue: History and Theology

And, as an extra class just for fun, Elementary German. I wanted to take this because I might be able to sneak in an exchange semester with one of our sister seminaries in Heidelberg, Freiberg or Tubingen. This class is known as a “downtown” class–that is, a class taught at Yale College rather than up at the Divinity School on the northern end of Yale.

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