A typical seminary day for me….

Every day at seminary is a little bit different for me due to various worship services and a different class schedule every day, but here is a typical day:

6 a.m.          Walk/run the dog.
7:30 a.m.   Daily Morning Prayer with Eucharist at St. Luke’s chapel in Berkeley House, the center for Episcopal seminarians at Yale. Students do all liturgical work except for presiding; a variety of priests come through to do the Eucharist and to preach. Students preach on Wednesdays and Fridays.

8 a.m. Fast cup of tea at Berkeley House or a race up the hill to the refectory at the Sterling Divinity Quadrangle for a fast breakfast before….

8:30 Christian History class (lecture)

9:30 New Testament Interpretation (lecture)

10:30 Ecumenical worship in Marquand Chapel with gorgeous, gorgeous music

11:15 Start walking very briskly one mile down the hill towards Yale College for German. Keep looking over my shoulder for the free Yale Shuttle, which is everywhere but never seems to be going in the direction I am. Sigh.

11:35  Elementary German. Ich bin ein studentin am Deutsch.  That might be the wrong preposition. I have no idea.

12:25 Start hauling my self and my backpack back up the hill (one mile) toward Sterling Divinity Quadrangle. Look longingly at the famous “carts” (trucks) that sell really, really good Thai, Mexican, Italian, Ethiopian, etc. food on the streets for New Havenites. But I really need to eat at the refectory because we’re required to pay for a whole semester’s worth of refectory food upfront at the seminary.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I have a seminar in the afternoon, so after lunch, I go to the Day Missions Reading Room in the Divinity School library; this is a favorite studying place, and desks fill up fast. The Common Room is full of love seats and chairs, but it’s harder to study there due to all the socializing opportunities!

On Wednesday nights, the Berkeley Divinity School (our Episcopal seminary) does an evening Eucharist service for the whole YDS community at Marquand Chapel and then hosts a community dinner at the Berkeley house afterward.

After all this, I go home and try to get my Internet connection working, unpack a box or two, and study. Periodically, I check in with my online students and grade their early submissions, but the real grading work has not begun yet. That will start in about three weeks, right when I will start writing my own papers!

So far, I have not found great running routes, so I’ve take a few short runs in my neighborhood, which is four miles south of the Divinity School. I hope to run around the seminary soon, but then I would have to drive home to shower. I need to solve this problem soon.

2 Thoughts

  1. Hi! Janine, Good to read your blog. Your schedule sounds pretty full however, I know the Franciscan in you can appreciate all the challenges ahead of you. I will be praying for you and Georgia and will look forward to your posts. Persevere with Joy my Franciscan friend and sister! Consider yourself hugged. God’s Joy and Peace, Tina Ferriot

    1. Hi, Tina! Hey, tomorrow, 9/9, is the anniversary of my Franciscan profession. I have no idea how/when I will renew my vows, as I haven’t been in contact with the Franciscan group out here. Oh well!

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